The Colour Grey

Landscapes are an ever-changing entity.  With each season that passes and every leaf that falls onto its surface results in it being not what it was before and not yet what it will be in the future, it is always at a point of betweenness, constantly shifting and fluctuating.  It holds permanence in that it will always be there, but never in the same way, rather like standing in a constantly moving river, you will never be surrounded by the same water.  It is a place of liminality or a threshold of sorts.


Within the landscape itself, there are physical representations of these thresholds, barriers and borders.  When we situate ourselves at this location, we sit between two sides and are at this same point of betweenness.  A place of no true direction or perspective, it can be highly charged and volatile. The threshold or border restricts our view beyond to the other side, but not entirely, and what restricted view we do have gives a partial insight or suggestion, but is not resolute, it does not answer the question and so forms a void, an empty space loaded with a tension of something other than what we know and what we don’t.  


This liminal position means it is exposed to forming its own perspective different to those at either side, to arrive at a new conclusion giving order to the chaos. To sit on the metaphorical or literal fence elevates us above these other existing viewpoints to encourage an expansion of thought and consideration beyond.  This body of work, a work in progress, is a form of examining this aspect of liminality and the threshold within the landscape, both natural and man-made, and the concept of a new space that it may form.  The images do not aim to provide direction or conclusion, themselves occupying this position of liminality and betweenness and consequently putting the viewer in a state of uncertainty, a provocation of forming a new stance of their own to resolve the narrative.

© 2019 Katie Hayward

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