Force and Flow


Landscapes are the stage upon which we dance.  Our endeavours and undertakings, without doubt, leave their marks upon its surface. But landscapes are also an entity in their own right, an agent for themselves leaving their own imprint simultaneously to ours.  


Dominated by its famous Rock, Gibraltar is a peninsula measuring approximately 2.6 square miles, and is one of the most densely populated territories in the world.  Bordered to the north by mainland Spain and surrounded by sea on the remaining three sides, this tiny piece of overseas UK territory has been strategically significant for centuries, and long fought over due to its location at the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.  


Force and Flow is a photographic study of the Gibraltar landscapes as we see them today. The contemporary landscape of this peninsula bears many scars and traces which when meditated upon, can reveal to us so much more than its simplistic portrayal of Britain abroad.   The cultural icons we all know and associate with this inimitable place only tell part of its story.  It is rich with evidence of a tempestuous past both naturally and forcefully and this body of work looks to explore the coinciding of these powers.

© 2019 Katie Hayward


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