This work in progress is an exploration of the ways in which we individualise spaces we occupy in a leisurely capacity. All along our coastlines are beach dwellings and huts, which all seem similar in form and function until they are documented and placed alongside each other.  Only at this point does it become evident just how unique they are in their individualisation.  The people who occupy these dwellings at times of escapism and leisure seek to create a sanctuary aside from their home which offers a sense of comfort and familiarity, a home away from home.  The work looks to explore the relationship we have to home, and how we behave when at leisure and how these two interplay. The absence of direct portraiture is intentional here, enabling the characteristics of the dwellings themselves to give us enough to build these portraits ourselves within our own imagination, informed directly by the detail offered in the images.

© 2019 Katie Hayward

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