Between Darkness and Light / 52.48N, 1.75E


This project is a documentation ofthe town of Lowestoft in Suffolk.  It is a port town, brought about by the growth and development of its herring fishing industry, which sadly is now in its past.  The harbour which used to play host to hundreds of drifters and trawlers now consists of just a few remaining vessels struggling to survive.   The town also occupies the most eastern point of the country, and so it sees the sunrise first. An attribute which is surprisingly under-celebrated when compared to places which also host extremities of our island.  


The vote in this area regarding Great Britain’s membership of the EU was overwhelmingly to leave.  There is immense hope and optimism that Lowestoft will be the obvious hub for what is being termed as the renaissance of the fishing industry in the East of England.  However, the government’s attempts to arrive at a Brexit deal could see them granting other EU countries continued access to the fishing waters surrounding Great Britain as their bargaining chip to arrive at an agreement.


This town and its landscape shows traces and remnants of industries won and lost.  From fishing, gas and oil onto renewable energy.  Its tourism industry continues to be its mainstay showing its continued popularity as a destination for those wanting to experience a traditional English seaside town and have some form of escapism.    It is a place which knows how to weather a storm both economically and socially and this body of work bears witness to this while its next battles wages on through the Brexit process.  In a constant state of change and transition, it moves from industry to industry, from affluence to poverty and back again.

© 2019 Katie Hayward


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